Rares are very exclusive furniture within Habbo. They are exclusive because they are only sold for a very short amount of time, and are NEVER released again. The prices of the Rares vary from time to time and they are more expensive than the average type of furniture, however once they have left the catalogue they make up for it with amazing trade value. If you would like more information on Rare Habbo furniture, please feel free to check out the links below:

Each individual rare costs 25 Coins and 25 Diamonds .

Cute Sea Lion Pup, Boxer Braids, Fishing Trawler and Shark Head

Limited Edition furniture items found within the Room Bundle(s) include:

Merchandise Stall, Star Gazer's Telescope, Promenade Lamp and Habburgers Food Truck

Habbo Rares (Classic)

Habbo Exchange

Habbo Diamonds