Habbo Club is a special club that you can join on Habbo. Habbo Club members are able to take advantage of many special features, such as: rare furniture each month, a special membership badge, new room layouts, more dance moves, a wider selection of clothes and colors, colored speech bubbles, access to the club shop and much, much more. The new 2017 Habbo Club rares (based on the Bling furniture range) are shown below:

HC Bling Bed, HC Bling Block, HC Bling Chandelier, HC Bling Daybed, HC Bling Divider, HC Bling Fridge, HC Bling Pillar, HC Bling Seat, HC Bling Slot Chair, HC Bling Toilet, HC Bling Wall and HC Power Shower

Habbo Club

Habbo Rares (Habbo Club)