Welcome to HabboTiles.NET. We are one of the many Habbo Fansites whose purpose is to provide entertainment and information to the growing Habbo Community. We have a lot to offer you such as up to date news, hotel happenings, guides on everything Habbo, competitions, games, events and much, much more! We also take the time to promote various causes and charity groups such as; Earth Hour, Ditch the Label, Talk to FRANK, ReachOut! and Safer Internet Day. So, what are you waiting for? Check us out today.

HabboTiles was born on 22 November 2008 on the Australia/New Zealand Habbo Hotel by Xemnas and LightSparkle (known back then as PigFish). That following year on 19 February 2009 after being nominated and voted for, and then surviving the Fansite Probation process - we became an Official Fansite! We were well known for being the first Habbo Fansite to support and run events for the Young Adults Program (YAP) and our Red Carpet events always attracted a very large crowd. You can learn more about HabboTiles by checking out the links below:

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