Builders Club is a special club that you can join on Habbo. Being a member of the club allows you to take advantage of many special features, such as: being able to build a room with a virtually unlimited supply of furniture, never again having to worry about how many credits it would take to finish off an amazing room design. If you want to simply let your creativity flow, the Builders Club is for you.

Membership Cost

The current cost of Builders Club membership is:

1 Month (31 Days) 105 + 105

Habbo Exchange
Habbo Diamonds

Builders Club Upgrade Costs

The current cost of Builders Club furniture limit upgrades are:

+10 Furni Upgrade 10 + 10
+250 Furni Upgrade 50 + 50
+600 Furni Upgrade 100 + 100

Sounds good to me! What's on offer at the moment?

Being able to build a room with 1000+ furniture pieces at your disposal.

Once the room is finished, you are able to unlock them allowing your friends to visit.

The option to buy out the room using Habbo Credits, if you wish.

Can purchase Habbo Club subscriptions at the same time.

Special membership badge, that shows your status as a creative room designer.

Is there a membership badge?

There sure is. Members of the Builders Club are given a special membership badge, which shows clearly how long they have been a member for.

How do I join the Builders Club?

There are two ways that you can purchase Builders Club. The first is by a monthly subscription and the second like Habbo Club is a 31 days membership.

How does all this actually work?

Upon joining the Builders Club, you will be able to drag furniture from a special menu called the "Builders Club Warehouse". There is a limit on how much furniture you can take from the warehouse at any one time - the limit is determined by your subscription status, and how many expansions you have purchased. If you do however reach the limit, you can simply put some furniture items back and choose again.

Can I pick up, trade or sell furniture items from the Builders Club Warehouse?

No, the Builders Club furniture is solely for designing rooms. If you pick up the furniture - it returns to the warehouse and your furniture limit is adjusted.

How will the Builders Club impact the aftermarket values of furniture?

The Habbo Staff have taken precaution to minimize any impact to aftermarket furniture values. As mentioned above, Builders Club furniture cannot be traded and will never appear in inventories or the Marketplace. All furniture included in the Builders Club Warehouse also appears in the Shop available for purchase.

What kinds of furniture are included in the Builders Club?

Members of the Builders Club have access to a wide range of furniture for use in your designs. Rares (such as LTDs) and items which are not currently on sale in the Shop will not be available. Furniture items like those with special functionality such as Wired, Pets and Monster Plants will not be available. Also, Furni-matic rewards, and Habbo Club gifts will not be available either.

What about campaign furniture, will that be included?

Yes, many campaign furniture items will be included. Habbo will also continue selling Rares and other premium items exclusively in the Shop - for those who like trading and collecting.

Can users with room rights move these furniture items, and what about Group rooms?

Yes, users that have rights to the rooms are able to move your Builders Club furniture, and yes, you can use the furniture in group rooms.

What happens if I don't renew my subscription?

The rooms you have built will become locked to visitors. You will still be able to access the rooms yourself, and even customize them. Simply, renew your membership to allow visitors again. The rooms you will built will remain on your account, they will also not appear in the Navigator.

Builders Club Designer Achievements

You will be rewarded with Achievement badges for simply building and designing rooms using Builders Club furniture.

Special Commands

To use the following commands type them where you would normally talk and press the enter key.

:floor Opens the Floor Plan Editor.

BC Gift Boxes

You can buy BC membership in the form of tradable Gift Boxes.

14 Days of BC 60 + 60
31 Days of BC 105 + 105
62 Days of BC 185 + 185
93 Days of BC 245 + 245
186 Days of BC 430 + 430