Habbo Club is a special club that you can join on Habbo. Habbo Club members are able to take advantage of many special features, such as: rare furniture each month, a special membership badge, new room layouts, more dance moves, a wider selection of clothes and colors, colored speech bubbles, access to the club shop and much, much more. Keep reading for all the details.

Membership Cost

The current costs of Habbo Club membership are:

1 Month (31 Days) 50 + 50
3 Months (93 Days) 120 + 120

Habbo Exchange
Habbo Diamonds

Membership Badge

Habbo Club members are given a special membership badge that marks how long they have been a member for. Joining Habbo Club, 12 months, 24 months, 36 months and 48 months membership.

Former Habbo Club Badge

In addition to the Membership badge, you will also receive the former Habbo Club badge.

Clothes, Hairstyles, Accessories and More!

Habbo Club members have a huge range of clothes, hairstyles, accessories and colors to choose from.

Choose your Habbo Club Rare

When you start a new cycle of Habbo Club you are given a gift point. Using this gift point you can select a special Rare furniture piece to keep. You can redeem your Points at the Habbo Club section of the Shop. The longer you are a member the more gifts you will unlock. For example:

Rare Furniture

By being a member of Habbo Club each month you are able to obtain a special Club Rare. You can discover what those Rares are by clicking the link below. The gifts will be changing on a yearly basis, so get them while you can.

Habbo Rares (Habbo Club)

Friends List Expansion

Habbo Club members can house a maximum of 1100 friends on their Friends List. Non-Club members can only house 300 friends.

Guest Room Layouts

Habbo Club members are able to create special guestrooms, that contain stairs and extra areas. Remember, when your Habbo Club membership expires, you still get to keep all of the rooms that you have created.

Special Commands

To use the following commands type them where you would normally talk and press the enter key.

:chooser Brings up a list of all users in the room your currently in.
:furni Brings up a list of all furni items in the room your currently in.
:kick {username} Kick a specific user from the room. (Must be the room owner or have rights).
:kickall Kick all users from the room. (Must be the room owner or have rights).
:kiss Blow kiss.
:D or ;D Laugh.
:habnam Habnam Style dance.
:moonwalk Moonwalk dance.

Extra Dance Moves

Habbo Club members have three extra dance moves. Not only will you have the default (Hab Hop) dance, but also the Pogo Mogo, The Rollie, Duck Funk, Habnam Style and Moonwalk.

Say Goodbye to Walls

Habbo Club members have the option of removing the walls from their guestrooms. Just tick the box in your Room Settings. Landscapes and wall furniture will still appear.

Rate Your Friends and Signs

Habbo Club members can use the HC Signs to rate their fellow Habbo friends while playing games. You can choose from the numbers 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, a Heart, Skull, Exclamation Mark, Smile Face, Football, Red Card and a Yellow Card.

Express Yourself

Habbo Club members can use various actions within Habbo. These actions make Habbo more interactive for both you and your friends. You can choose from sitting, blowing a kiss, laughing and sleeping.

Colored Speech Bubbles

Habbo Club members are able to stand out from the crowd even more with Colored Speech Bubbles. Simply choose the color you would like by clicking the speech bubble next to the char bar at the bottom of the client window and chat away - but this time in style.

Club Shop Access

As a Habbo Club member you have access to the Club Shop, and from this section you can purchase very exclusive items. Every now and then, the Habbo Staff will be adding items that are currently unavailable in the regular Hotel Shop.

Create Custom Rooms

You are able to to create your very own custom room layouts using Stack Magic Tiles and Black Holes, that only Habbo Club members are able to purchase.

No Adverts

Habbo Club members are able to play Habbo without advertisements appearing.

Double the Duckets

Habbo Club members earn double the amount of Duckets, than non HC members.

Habbo Duckets

The HC Center

The HC Center is the place where you are able to see all of the important information regarding your membership. The information includes the date of when became a Habbo Club member, your days remaining, the number of HC Rares you are able to collect and the date till your next HC Payday.

What is a HC Streak?

The HC Streak is the total number of consecutive days that you have been a Habbo Club member. The longer the number, the bigger the HC Payday payout will be.

What is HC Payday and how does it work?

As a member of Habbo Club on the 15th of every month, you will receive 10% of the credits spent on Shop purchases back into your inventory. The amount you will receive depends greatly on your current HC Streak. Currently the Shop purchases do not include Habbo Exchange, Habbo Club, Builders Club or Marketplace purchases.

HC Gift Boxes

You can buy HC membership in the form of tradable Gift Boxes.

14 Days of HC 30 + 30
31 Days of HC 50 + 50
62 Days of HC 85 + 85
93 Days of HC 110 + 110
186 Days of HC 185 + 185