The Game Center was an area on Habbo where you could play a wide range of games, earning yourself a number of Habbo Achievements. The games you could choose from included SnowStorm Shuffle, Habbo Speedway and Permia Duels.

SnowStorm Shuffle
One of the most popular games from the old Habbo, SnowStorm has returned as SnowStorm Shuffle! Have you always wanted to verse your friends in an epic battle of snowball madness? If yes, then this is the game for you! Click the "Games" icon on the left menu on the Client Window and start a game. Once there is enough players on each team - the match will begin. There are also plenty of Achievement badges to earn to keep you busy for a very long time. Will you become the King or Queen of SnowStorm Shuffle?

Fast Food
Fast Food is a game which you can play within Habbo. The objective of the game is to drop the various meals and drinks onto the table of two very hungry customers using parachutes to score points. Sounds easy, right? Wrong, because you also compete against two other Habbos, while dodging missiles! There are plenty of Achievement badges to earn. Will you reach the number #1 spot on the Leaderboard?

Habbo Pix
Habbo Pix is a game that you can play with both your online and offline friends. The objective of the game is to choose the difficulty (easy, medium and hard) of the word you wish to draw, and then draw it bas best as you can. Once your image is completed, submit it and the other player has to guess the word it corresponds with. Consider this game a Habbo spin off of the highly popular Draw Something game. Play against your friends, and will you reach Number 1 on the Leaderboard?

Superstar Streetz Multiplayer
Superstar Streetz is a multiplayer action racing game with a lot of awesome looking cars and powerful weapons for you to use. You are able to race against your friends or enemies in high-speed combat chases, build your very own dream cars and garage, and you can hang out in the lobby with your online friends. How many races will you win (or survive)?

Best of Turku 2012
This autumn Habbo will be working with gaming students based in the Turku region of Finland. These students will be developing mini-games to be published within Habbo. All of the these games were developed within 16 hours by teams of 2-4 students. Will you be able to complete them all?

Habbo Speedway
Habbo Speedway is revved up and ready to go! Race against your friends, and even Habbos from around the world. There are various power-ups you can purchase that will help you reach the finish line first: Glue, Rockets and Speed Boosts. There are various Achievements for you to collect such as winning a certain number of races, collecting Ducks from the Speedway Lottery and for participating in a certain number of races. Will you reach the finish line first and take home the Gold?

Hero Zero
Hero Zero, the Free free browser game - now in Habbo! In Hero Zero normal people can show off their true superpowers! Go train, fulfill missions, earn money and improve your equipment. Go through all six funny worlds and grow with some stamina into a true superhero! Will you go from Zero to Hero?

Tetrablok is a game of skill and cunning! Take on other players and score points by completing full lines horizontally or vertically. Predict your opponents moves and you will be victorious! Great rewards are awarded to weekly high ranking winners.

Nova Raider
Nova Raider is the new Space Action MMO with revolutionary features like class based game play, both World and Arena PvP, real time events, single and multiplayer missions, a deep crafting system and much more. As a space pilot who managed to escape an enemy raid, you are lost in space. The only thing that keeps you going is your hope to see your home planet again. On your quest you explore the depths of unknown galaxies, fighting off intergalactic monsters, space pirates and other players. Fight for resources develop powerful spaceships and equip them with mighty weapons.

Matchwood is a game where you have to line up the same animal tiles horizontally and vertically to knock them off the grid to score points. There's a single player mode, multiplayer mode where you can verse another Habbo player and you can use special boosters to help you win.

World of Zombies
Breathe new life into the undead with some freaky farming fun! World of Zombies is a game where you can explore the island, construct creepy buildings, grow rare and exotic plants, hunt for treasure, fight over brains and exchange recipes with your friends. Cook up enough Zombium and you might even be able to change back into a living person.

It Gurl
Have you ever wanted to enter the glamorous world of It Gurl? Well this may be the game for you. Pick out the hottest clothes, and attend the most exclusive parties to make your way to the top of the It Gurl pack.

Permia Duels
Permia Duels, set in the fantasy world of Permia, lets you take control of diverse fantasy units ranging from archers and swordsmen to dinosaurs and dragons. Players flip each other's tiles to take control of the battleground. Take advantage of special ground types to gain an upper hand against your opponent. Battle other players in this game of epic combat and deep strategy. Fight other players Earn ranking points and climb to the top of the rankings!

Habbo Stories
Habbo Stories is a place where you can read comics and various stories that are updated every so often by Habbo Staff. Additionally, players can take in game selfies, view artwork and enter competitions.