Habbo Loyalty Crowns are a special clothing reward you will receive automatically when your account reaches a certain age milestone.


My Habbo account is nine years old have received the Two and Five Year Crowns. In a year, will I receive the Ten Year Crown?
Yes. The Loyalty Crowns will be given out on an ongoing basis. When your account turns nine years old, just over a year after that you will receive a Ten Year Crown.

Two Year Crown, Five Year Crown and Ten Year Crown

Where can I find my Loyalty Crown(s) once my account reaches one of the age milestones?
You will receive the item to your inventory automatically on or soon after your account reaches the required age milestone.

Can I receive a Loyalty Crown on an account without a verified email address?
No. You must have a verified email address in order to receive your Loyalty Crown(s).

If my Habbo ID contains two accounts, do both of the accounts receive the Loyalty Crown(s)?
No. Only the account that has reached a certain age milestone will receive the corresponding Loyalty Crown.

If my account is over 10 years old, will I receive all three loyalty crowns?
Yes - you will receive all three Loyalty Crowns.

Are the Loyalty Crowns tradable?
No - they are currently not tradable.