Habbo Staff were paid adults who worked for Sulake. The Habbo Staff themselves run the Hotel, while Moderators dealt with "Calls for help" and keep all the regular Habbo's safe by banning those who break both the Habbo Way and the Terms and Conditions.

How do I tell if someone is a Habbo Moderator?
Official Habbo Moderators always wore the Habbo Staff badge and (usually) had the MOD- prefix at the start of their Habbo names. This proved that they were the real deal. You can find out the Habbo names of all current Habbo Staff  members by clicking here.

Former Habbo Moderators

MOD-OWASHI MOD-Arquidis MOD-Amkilu MOD-torrenke
MOD-Defton MOD-AlduinlbnLahad MOD-Azild MOD-ladyletty
MOD-stum MOD-aaadusty MOD-Uzop MOD-ninff
MOD-calix29 MOD-Gueblanck MOD-sunflower_1234 MOD-atrix-fire
MOD-ejfenrir MOD-RoxyTase MOD-emitrac MOD-Cherrykiwi
VelvieGreen MOD-Xebal MOD-Aukiro MOD-DacoM
BlueMagnolia TeConLeche FreePlace Merisiili
MOD-davjuTheTired Khevar. Hairaru MOD-Cle0patra