Never have Online-Pets ever been this interactive! While you are busy looking after, playing with and training your pets - you are able to earn yourself loads of Habbo Achievements! What levels will you reach? and will you turn your pets into Champions?

What type of pets can I choose from?
You can choose from either Cats, Dogs, Crocodiles, Bears, Terrier Dogs, Pigs, Lions, Rhinos, Spiders, Frogs, Chicks, Dragons, Turtles, Monkeys, Horses, Rabbits, Monster Plants, Pigeons, Gnomes, Leprechauns, Puppies, Kittens, Piglets, Rocks, Obbah Wobbahs, Velociraptors, Pterodactyls and Cows. You can choose the color, breed and name of your pet before purchasing.

Can you get badges for owning pets?
Yes, if the number of pets you own reaches a certain number, you will be rewarded with an Achievement badge. For buying your first pet you will receive the Level 1 badge automatically.

I brought a Pet, but it didn't come with a basket. What has happened?
There was a time when baskets came with pets automatically, however now you will need to buy one from the Pet Accessories section for the catalogue. You can also buy various foods, pillows, toys and water bowls for your animals.

I've picked up my pet but its not in my hand? Help!
No need to panic. Like Furniture, Wall Furniture and Badges, Pets now have their own section in your Inventory. :)

Can I take my pets to meet my friends?
Sure you can! So long as they have enabled to room for Pets. Simply open your Inventory window and drop your pet. If you leave the room your pet is returned back to your inventory, and if your pet is kicked from a room, you are too. This new feature is perfect if you're planning on having pet parties and park walks.

Am I able to level up my pets?
Yes, by training. When you train your pet it will gain experience. Once your pet has gained enough experience it will be granted a level up, which will unlock a new training command. You will be rewarded with Achievement badges for leveling up your pets.

How do I train my pet?

You train your pet by playing with it, by using the new commands. If your pet is feeling tired, click "Free" your pet will search around for food, water and even a place to rest. When you gain experience, the number gained will appear in a small star and will fade away after a few seconds. Note, you will have to gain Level Ups to access all of the commands.

Can I still feed my pets?
You sure can! However this time feeding your pet will count towards Nutrition Points, what that means is the more points you have, the longer you will be able to train your pet for. You will be rewarded with Achievement badges for feeding your pets.

What is pet scratching?
Yes, think of scratching as giving your friend on Habbo "Respect". You are able to scratch your pet or a friends pet three times a day. You will be rewarded with Achievement badges for scratching pets.

Can I scratch pets?
Yes. You will be rewarded with Achievement badges when you scratch a pet. Note you can only scratch pets three times a day.

I've seen a Monkey on Habbo, how do I get one?
You can your very own Lost Money by playing the free mobile game Lost Monkey on the Apple iPhone, Apple iPad, Apple iPod Touch (latest versions only) and Android. You will need to download the game from the App Store. As you play the game your Monkey will receive level ups and once your Monkey reaches level 10 - you can bring him into Habbo. Remember you will need to make sure that your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad has a working Wi-Fi connection.

Lost Monkey Achievements
As you level up your Monkey you will receive a special achievement badge in Habbo. Remember you will need to make sure that your device has a working Wi-Fi connection.

How do I ride my Horse?
Once you own a Horse, you will need to purchase a saddle. Simply place the saddle onto the horse, then double click the horse and select "Ride". If you want to get off your horse simply click it and select "Dismount".

I've seen some really funky looking Horses, how can I modify mine?
You can change the color of your horses body and hair, also you can change the style of hair just by purchasing Dyes and Hairstyles from the Habbo Shop.

Horse Achievements
If riding and styling your Horse wasn't enough, you can now train him or her even further! There are four  sets of Achievements for you to earn, and we can tell you're going to have a lot of fun obtaining them. The first requires you to jump a certain number of times with your Horse, the second requires you to have your friends Horses jumping in your guestroom and the third requires you to jump a certain number of times in a row, over several obstacles. The final Achievement requires that you let a fellow Habbo ride your horse.

Horse Jumping

Horse Jumping (in your guestroom)

Continuous Successful Jumping in a Row

Friends riding your Horse

I've seen some really weird looking plants on Habbo, what are they?
They are called Monster Plants and are a new type of Habbo pet, that comes in a wide range of different (and sometimes very odd) forms. You are able to grow them from seeds, treat and breed them to make more. These plants require a lot of regular attention, otherwise they can die. You can use special potions on them to bring them back to life or make them grow a lot faster.

What do some of the Monster Plants look like?
Below are five examples of some of the Monster Plants, their sizes, shapes and colors.

Monster Plant Achievements
Along with Monster Plants come many Achievement badges for you to earn. You can earn them by treating, breeding, killing and healing your Plants. There are also many different shapes and colors for you to collect.

Treating Plants

Breed your Plants

Kill your Plants

Heal your Plants

Fail to breed a Seed

Collect various Plant shapes

Collect various Plant colors

Gnome and Leprechaun Achievements
You can earn Achievement badges by feeding, leveling up and scratching your pet Gnomes and Leprechauns.

Feeding your Gnome

Leveling up your Gnome

Scratching your/a Gnome

Feeding your Leprechaun

Leveling up your Leprechaun

Scratching your/a Leprechaun

Baby Pet Achievements
You can earn Achievement badges by owning various colored Puppies, Kittens and Piglets.

Owning Puppies

Owning Kittens

Owning Piglets

Obbah Wobbah Achievements
You can earn Achievement badges by feeding, leveling up and scratching your pet Obbah Wobbah.

Feeding your Obbah Wobbah

Leveling your Obbah Wobbah

Scratching your/a Obbah Wobbah