Habbo Pixels were a separate form of Habbo currency that could be earned in a number of ways.

What are Pixels?
Pixels are a separate form of Habbo currency that you can be rewarded with inside Habbo Hotel. There are many ways to earn them, and lots of different things you can spend them on.

How do I earn Pixels?
The easiest ways to get Pixels are:
Logging in daily.
Spending time within the Hotel.
Completing Achievements.
Completing Quests.
Joining/being a member of Habbo VIP Club.

What can I spend my Pixels on?
You can spend your Pixels on the following:
Special Effects.
Rentable Furniture.
Pixel Discounts. (Using both Pixels and Credits to buy items)
Special Hello furniture.
Habbo Pixel Pet Food.
Special Kuurna furniture.
Special Automobile furniture.
Habbo Pixel Collectibles.