While having fun with your friends on Habbo, it is important that you arm yourself with the knowledge on how to keep safe online. This guide will give you tips and advice on how you can protect your personal information and keep your accounts safe. Remember to share this guides information with your friends, so that they too can be safety savvy.

Keep your personal information PERSONAL!
The Golden Rule: "Keep your personal information PERSONAL". Please make sure you keep your full name, home address, date of birth, any phone numbers, and the email on your Habbo account secret, because if someone was able to gain a hold of this information someone could get into your account, and worse.. you could be in danger. If you are to meet someone in real life that you have met on Habbo, please make sure that it is in a public place and you have a parent or guardian with you at all times.

How to not have your account broken in to:
I recommend using an email just for Habbo (and nothing else) and do not use @hotmail, @msn or @live as it's very easy for so called "Hackers" to gain access to these types of accounts. Remember keep the email you use secret, because if no one else knows it.. How can anyone steal it?

A Keylogger is a rather nasty piece of software that monitors every keystroke that you make, logging them into a file and sending them off to the remote attacker, sadly this has become a popular account stealing method. Receiving a Keylogger is extremely easy: people can pretend to be your friend, gain your trust and then send you a file over MSN Messenger, making out that it's something else entirely. Never accept files from someone over Messenger that you do not trust, and make sure your computer using up-to-date anti-virus software on a regular basis.

Fake Logins/Phising sites
Phishing is the process of luring users to a "Fake" website which may ask you to enter in your Habbo's username and password usually with the promise of free coins and furniture.. However what really happens is your personal information is sent to the owner of the site, who will use the information you submitted to steal your account and everything on it. Always check the address bar to make sure you are on the correct website. Only ever enter your Habbo name and password onto "http://www.habbo.com" on the Login page.

Password Safety
It's a good rule to have a different password for every website that you use, and make sure the password you choose follows the tips below:

Make the password long
You should use a minimum of at least 8 characters!

Use a mix of letters and numbers
Use a combination of letters, numbers, and uppercase and lowercase characters!

The HabboTiles Top 10 Safety Tips

Keep your personal information, PERSONAL.
Never meet anyone online in real life.
If someone harasses/bullies you - don't yell back use "Ignore".
If someone makes you feel uncomfortable call a Moderator.
Don't share your email with people you meet online. Once someone else has it, you have no control over who else could get it.
Think twice before you say things online. Nothing is private on the internet.
Never spend any money on your guardian's cell phone/home phone/credit card without their permission.
Never download anything that is sent email or messenger without scanning it first.
Respect yourself and others online.
Learn all there is to know about staying safe online.