Habbo Staff are paid adults who work for Sulake. The staff themselves run the Hotel, while Moderators deal with "Calls for help" and keep all the regular Habbo's safe by banning those who break both the Habbo Way and the Terms and Conditions.

How do I tell if someone is a Habbo staff member?
Official Habbo Staff members, will always wear this badge. This proves that they are the real deal, do not fall for impostors without the badge. You can find out the names of all current Habbo Staff members by clicking here.

WaltzMatilda guaja MrCroissant Truculencia
SuperCansin Olsoweir megalakazam sparkaro
Cupcakesio Natunen    

Former Habbo Staff Members

Paulwalla ediootti Grecian9 ubergergely
JupiterFLO P.Enelope Elementary_Kage Kuyit
Hungrysparrow Johno dmitrym cowboystyle
gimulnautti Queenofsheba JoEl-Sr Jolee72
KitchenNinjette notMiceElf Ra-ta-ta powertoo
Birlibirloque CrazyAceOne lblb7 .beeches.
Macklebee virvatuli hattarakakku Shaantii