Habbo VIP Club was a combination of both VIP Club and Habbo Club. Being a member of Habbo VIP Club allowed you to take advantage of many special features: Rare furniture, a special membership badge, new room layouts, more dances, hairstyles and clothes and much more!

Membership Badge
As a member of Habbo VIP Club you are given a special badge that marks how long you have been a member. You will also be given the old Habbo Club member badge.

More clothes, hairstyles, accessories and colors
As a Habbo VIP Club member, you will have a huge range of clothes, hairstyles, colors and accessories to choose from.

Friends List Expansion
As a member of VIP Club you can now house a maximum of 1100 friends on your Friends List. Regular Habbos can only hold 300 friends on their list.

Homepage Additions
As a member of Habbo VIP Club you will find that the advert banner on the right side of your homepage is now gone, opening more space up for you to decorate and to design something truly amazing. You have also been given two new backgrounds and themes, and the special Homepage Ratings widget.

More Guestroom Layouts
As a club member when you make a new room you'll be able to make 8 Habbo Club rooms (these all contain stairs) and 6 special VIP Club rooms (these all contain new areas). When your club membership ends, you will keep all rooms you have made using these layouts.

Special Commands
To use the following commands, type them where you normally talk and press enter. A small popup box will then appear containing either all furniture in the room or all users in the room.


:chooser Brings up a list of all users in the room your currently in.
:furni Brings up a list of all furni items in the room your currently in.

Funky Dances
As a member of VIP Club, not only will you have access to the default Hab-Hop dance but also, the Pogo Mogo, The Rollie and the Duck Funk.

Choose your VIP Club gift
When you start a new cycle of Habbo VIP Club, you are given a point - using this point you can select a special Rare to keep. You can redeem your Points at the Habbo VIP Club section of the Catalogue. The longer you are a member the more gifts you will unlock.

Rare Furniture
Below are all the current Habbo VIP Club Rares.

Habbo Rares (Habbo Club)
Habbo Rares (VIP Club)

How much does this cost?
Remember that one cycle of Habbo VIP Club lasts for 31 days. There are on occasion times where you will be able to purchase cycles for a lot less.

1 Cycle 25 Credits
3 Cycles 60 Credits

Removable Walls
As a member of the Habbo VIP Club, you now have the option of removing the walls from your guestroom. Just tick the box in your Room Settings. Landscapes and wall furniture will still appear.

The Black Hole
As a Habbo VIP Club member you are now able to buy the Black Hole furniture from the Club Shop. Using this furniture you are able to completely design and reshape your guestroom.

VIP Signs
You will now be able to rate your fellow Habbos and friends with the VIP Signs. You can choose from numbers One to Ten, Skull and a Heart sign.

Habbo VIP Club members have the ability to use various action in Habbo. The current actions are Sitting, Blowing a Kiss, Laughing and Idle (Sleeping). These actions make Habbo more interactive for you, and your friends.

I've seen someone with a Diamond VIP badge, what is that?
The Diamond VIP badge was given to those who during Easter (2012) purchased 12 months of Habbo VIP Club for 100 credits.

I've seen an old school looking VIP badge, where did that come from?
This particular badge is awarded to those who successfully complete the VIP Trainee Program. There are seven quests in total. Meaning you know everything there is to know about the Habbo VIP Club.

Colored Speech Bubbles
As a member of Habbo VIP Club you will be able to stand out even more with special Colored Speech Bubbles. Simply choose the color you would like (next to the chat bar at the bottom of the Client window) and chat away - in style.