The Habbo Way is a simple and easy to understand guideline that ensures you get the most fun out of Habbo. Instead of only being a list of all the things you shouldn't do, it now focuses more on the fun things you should be taking part in such as chatting, making friends, playing games and building amazing rooms.

The DOs and DONTs of the Habbo Way

DO: Play Games

Play with friends, create your own games, kick ass and take names!

DON'T: Cheat

Cheaters never prosper, they just end up spoiling the experience for everyone else.

DO: Chat

Talk to your friends, get to know your fellow Habbos and meet loads of new friends... and more!

DON'T: Troll

No one likes a troll, not even their mothers; bullying will not be tolerated by anyone.

DO: Find that special someone

Flirt, date, fall in love, and maybe meet that special someone... or something!??

DON'T: Cyber

Cybering is strictly forbidden, and cam requests will result in punishment.

DO: Help

Help a stranger, gain a friend! Or two, or three. You never know who you're going to meet next!

DON'T: Trick

Taking advantage of other Habbos usually leads to bad mojo. And lynch mobs.

DO: Create

Let your creativity run wilder than a beaver in a log cabin! Push yourself to the limit in style and design- be the best!

DON'T: Script

Make it, don't fake it! Just look at Ashlee Simpson.

DO: Trade

Building your own Furni empire by trading your way to the top!

DON'T: Scam

Stealing doesn't make you rich, it makes you a criminal. And a very bad role model.

DO: Marketplace trading

If you have a nose for business, use the Marketplace to sell items and stock up on your credits. The more you know about the world of "finances", the easier you get ahead in Habbo.

DON'T: Sell for real money

Don't sell your items for real money. You're likely to lose it all in a place that is not safe and to waste the time and dedication you put into getting where you are in the first place.

DO: Put on Games

Be the perfect host- creating exciting games for other Habbos to play will mean that everyone will want to come play a game in your room.

DON'T: Place or accept bets

Using furni that randomizes games with the possibility to place bets can get you into trouble. Show off your skills, don't leave it up to chance.

Are you an expert on the Habbo Way? Take on the Quiz!

Once you have read through all the DOs and DONTs of the Habbo Way, you can take on the Habbo Way Quiz. Once successfully completed you will score yourself the Habbo Way Quiz badge which you will be able to show off. If you get some of the questions wrong - don't panic! You can attempt the quiz again.